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Biomass Processing Equipment

Purchase New Equipment for Extraction Facilities

We help you choose the right technology for biomass extraction and save money implementing the right equipment and accessories for success

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HP40 Ethanol Extractor

Our best-in-class 40 gallon capacity – cryogenic capable extractor!

Converts 60-80 pounds of biomass per hour into high quality cold extraction crude oil. 

The HP40 is economical, extremely easy to operate, maintain, and clean.


New Extraction, Distillation, & Lab Equipment


Extraction Equipment

  • CO2 extraction downstream products
  • Ethanol extraction systems for high volume production
  • Butane solvent extraction (butane/propane) and XP rooms

Post Extraction Equipment

  • Distillation systems & solvent recovery
  • Filtration systems for CO2, solvent, and water extraction¬†
  • Mixing + Blending equipment for finished product manufacturing