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Biomass Extraction Services

Contract Extraction – We offer a variety of extraction services including Hydrocarbon, Butane, CO2, Ethanol, and more

Contract Biomass Extraction Services

Our extraction experts have decades of lab experience creating extractions from many types of biomass – at scale. We offer many different processing options for biomass extraction in our state-of-the-art facility. The choice of the best extraction procedure depends on your starting material, what the end goals of the extract are and what downstream separation and isolation procedure may be required. 


Hydraulic Press – Low heat, solvent free extraction technique, for low volume processing


Ice Water Extraction – Clean extraction technology for solvent free biomass extraction


Ethanol Extraction – Excellent for high volume plant extraction, rendering a clean yield


CO2 Extraction – We offer subcritical and supercritical extraction services, perfect for many biomass applications


Hydrocarbon Extraction – We offer butane and propane extraction services, perfect for concentration yields from biomass

What can we extract for you? Contact us today to discuss!