Cartridge Filling Machine

Cartridge Filling Machine


The HotPot Dispenser is a heated pressure pot with a manual metering valve for dispensing various liquids into various containers.

It is especially useful for filling small containers with fluids that required heat to enable flow. The HotPot Dispenser can be used in place of using
syringes for common filling operations.

Air pressure inside the vessel pushes the fluid out through the manual valve, while the temperature of the fluid is controlled by adjusting the heater
control knob and displayed on the top-mounted thermometer.

Dispensing accuracy (either by visual fill level or weight) is controlled by the user via operation of the manual valve.

Safety Warnings

Heat and Pressure can both hurt you….the HotPot Dispenser uses both, so caution needs to be taken at all times!!!

Always wear Safety Glasses and protective clothing when using the HotPot Dispenser.

Always unplug the heat controller when the HotPot Dispenser is not in use.

Depending on the duration of use and temperature set point, the outside of the HotPot dispenser can get HOT. Always keep this in mind and use caution/appropriate
personal protection equipment when using.

Operating Instructions

  • Unpack the dispensing unit, and set up per the drawing.
  • Unpack the air compressor. Refer to factory instructions/manual for proper operation and maintenance.
  • Unpack the air accessory kit.
  • Mount one end of the air hose to the air compressor and the other end of the hose to the ¼” quick connect coupling using the supplied thread seal tape.
  • Remove the top of the vessel by loosening and removing the sanitary clamp.
  • Clean the inside of the vessel prior to use.
  • Check that the metering valve is fully closed (clockwise), then add the fluid that is going to be dispensed.
  • Put the top of the vessel back on, ensuring proper seating of the gasket. Tighten the sanitary clamp. Make sure to position the clamp wing nut next to the air inlet fitting for use of the safety wire (per the drawing).
  • Plug the heater control unit to a 110V outlet.
  • Adjust heat to achieve desired fluid temperature, and maintain via the thermometer and heat controller.
  • Plug in the air compressor to a 110V outlet.
  • Slide the safety wire over the Air Inlet Connection, then plug the air hose quick connect to the air inlet connection. The purpose of the safety wire is to make sure the air hose is disconnected before removal of the vessel cover. Removal of the vessel cover while under pressure will cause a sudden pressure release with the potential to cause lost product and/or injury.
  • Increase pressure from the air compressor by turning the regulator handle (on the air compressor) clockwise. Set to 25 psi.
  • Increase pressure in the vessel by turning the regulator handle (on the dispensing unit) clockwise. Start low, and increase as needed.
  • Dispense fluid by opening the metering valve (counterclockwise) and closing (clockwise) once desired amount of fluid is dispensed. Refer to “Operating Tips” for additional instruction.
  • When finished, unplug the heat controller & disconnect the air hose.
  • To clean unit, wipe-out the inside of the vessel and flush thru the valve with appropriate cleaning fluid (something that will cut whatever fluid was used last) by repeating the operating instructions.

Operating Tips

The HotPot Dispenser is a helpful yet very simple device. As it is fully manual, filling accuracy is literally in the hands of the user.

The viscosity and characteristics of the fluid, heat input, air pressure, the amount the metering valve is opened, and the duration it is opened are all variables.

Below are some helpful tips for effectively using the HotPot Dispenser.

Controlling drips after the valve is closed:

This will be the biggest challenge in using the HotPot Dispenser.

The metering valve on the HotPot dispenser is a quality piece, drips from the needle does NOT mean the valve is leaking.

Any leaking after the valve is closed is fluid falling from the needle, not a faulty valve seat.

Overtightening the valve handle to prevent dripping will only result in a sore hand after time.

The needle provided with the HotPot dispenser was chosen as it was the most universal for common filling operations. Testing proved that a longer & smaller diameter needles dripped more than larger shorter needles.

One way to reduce dripping is to have the needle tip directly against the container being filled. This way any drips after the metering valve is closed, will “wick” into the container rather than falling and being wasted.

A variety pack of different size needles that will fit the HotPot Dispenser can be purchased from McMaster-Carr, Part Number 7590A58.

When experimenting with different needle sizes, it may be beneficial to trim the length down to prevent excessive dripping. Just be sure to de-burr the inside diameter of the needle after trimming.

Filling Small containers using visual fill marks (such as vape cartridges):

Position the HotPot dispenser (and yourself) in a position where your line of sight is level with your desired fill level.

Filling larger containers using a scale:

A scale will fit perfectly on the platform of the HotPot base. Lower the vessel to the desired height using the adjustment handles on the back.


The HotPot Dispenser is a universal device, don’t be afraid to experiment. More pressure in the vessel doesn’t always equate to better performance. Testing has proven that sometimes lower pressure works better.

The same goes for heat input, hotter isn’t always better and can possibly damage the fluid and/or create more dripping at the needle.

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