Ethanol Extraction System

Ethanol Extraction System


  • NEMA 4 plastic/nylon enclosure
  • 5 HP VFD with controls for start, stop, and speed
  • Motor running indicator light
  • Prox switch lock out (manway open) with indicator light
  • Vibration lock out with indicator light (adjustable sensitivity and delay)
  • VFD will not run if either lock out is tripped
  • VFD will stop motor if either lock out is tripped
  • Option for either 208 VAC or 480 VAC.

40 Gallon Ethanol Extractor – HP40

The HP40 is extremely easy to operate, maintain, and clean. One lab technician and one lab assistant can operate four lines of extractors and inline filtration at one time, allowing for up to 336 lbs of hemp to be extracted hourly.

HP40 Features and Benefits:

  • Capable of processing up to 84lbs of biomass every hour or 672lbs in an 8-hour shift.
  • 12-20 min extraction time dependant on operating procedure
  • 95%+ ethanol recovery during the spin cycle
  • 93%+ cannabinoid extraction rate on one cycle
  • Explosion-proof motor with UL compliant extractor housing
  • The tank is insulated with a stainless steel skin to maintain cryogenic temperatures during the extraction process