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Consulting for cannabis & hemp operations

Scale your business successfully with High Purity Extractions

Consulting Services for Commercial Operators

We offer consulting expertise for cannabis and hemp extraction and processing operations. From design through commissioning to services that fit for your needs. Our staff works tirelessly to deliver critical results to our clients.

Design: C1D1 Facility Approval Packages & Safety Analysis 

At High Purity, our team believes continuity drives success throughout the project development phase and into operations. Our goal is to provide best-in-class services to our clients from start to finish.

In the Design phase, our experts offer clear and concise communication. Focusing on the objectives and models our clients look to build from, the goal is to find the appropriate solvent line to deploy to achieve specific end products. From CO2 & Ethanol to Hydrocarbon applications, our staff will find the right platform and volume for your facility’s needs.

Our approach determines metrics necessary to meet end goals, from solvent calculations & consumption to safety analytics.

Our design service offers clients a unique opportunity to garner our approach and methodologies to see if our group is the right fit for your team. Enquire today for a free design assessment.

Commissioning: Project Management & Equipment Installation

High Purity helps you avoid costly design and construction mistakes.

Commissioning a commercial manufacturing space can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned executive or director. While impactful, general industry and commercial construction management expertise can leave stakeholders and project sponsors looking for more clarity on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ when financing larger projects.

At High Purity, we aim to mitigate risk and deliver meaningful analysis throughout the project development phase.

Building from design, High Purity’s commissioning services offer clients hands-on expertise for driving complete manufacturing projects. Our streamlined approach delivers phase-by-phase development timelines and projected expenses for your team. Running as the point for managing the project, our staff offers clarity for engineers and architects for equipment loads, clearance concerns, electrical requirements, airflow analysis, and much more.

The Commissioning service offers clients a turn-key approach to project development. Our experts will drive your project from design implementation to developing and delivering a furnished manufacturing space. Our packaging provides hands-on installation of manufacturing equipment and insight into operations techniques and procedures. Enquire today for a free design assessment.

Operations: Product Formulation & Operating Procedures

In an ever-evolving industry, time and time again, we see clients build out a manufacturing space with one product line in mind. However, industry needs and market desires change as consumers grow, and we aim to change with them.

Our operations services provide a complete assessment of manufacturing platforms and procedures. When it’s time to streamline processes and create new product formulation within your market space, our experts can optimize your facility, from new product introductions to remodeling the process flow.


Services by need

We offer services by needs as well as free consultations. Enquire today for a free process assessment.

While our team is always eager to build through design at scale for our clients looking to engage in a big picture environment, we also recognize the importance of continuous growth and the challenge our industry presents in a time of rapid, aggressive expansion.

We offer a la carte services for clients looking to hone in on a critical end product or simply looking to lean out manufacturing development and labor-intensive processes.

Experts in manufacturing, our technicians look to engage in hands-on training as clients aim to incorporate new techniques and processes within their facilities. Our goal is to deliver to the highest degree. We work with our clients remotely and in person to achieve success for all. Communication is crucial, and in the field, our operators can offer concise instruction and rapid response to questions or concerns. See additional services here

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