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HP40 Cryogenic Capable Extraction System – UL stamped, complete with downstream filtration & pump cart

On Sale for $45,000.00

Forty-Gallon Stainless Extractor – HP40 top entry centrifugal basket style mixer for max mass transfer and extract contract time. Can also be used as mixing tank. Complete setup includes downstream pump on industrial cart and complete three stage filtration system.

The HP40 is extremely easy to operate, maintain, and clean.

HP40 Extractor Features and Benefits:

  • Capable of processing up to eighty-pounds of biomass per hour
  • 12-20 minute extraction time dependant on operating procedure
  • 95%+ ethanol recovery during the spin cycle
  • 93%+ cannabinoid extraction rate on one cycle
  • Explosion-proof five-horsepower, three-phase motor
  • UL-compliant extraction tank
  • The tank is insulated with a stainless steel skin to maintain cryogenic temperatures during the extraction process

Post Extraction Pump – Filtration:

  • Sanitary air operated diaphragm pump for high volume pump out
  • Three stage filter system
  • Air motor suitable in XP environments and suitable for ethanol
  • Pump is mounted on heavy duty industrial –  portable stainless steel cart
  • Fittings and stainless hoses are included with pump/filtration system
  • Quick disconnect Tri Clamp sanitary fittings makes disassembly and assembly simple
  • Yamada double diaphragm pump technology
  1. Variable speed drive (mount outside the XP zone) to customize speed of mixer/basket assembly
  2. Solvent recover rotovap
  3. Wiped film distillation module
  4. Shipping at additional cost

Purchase ala carte:

The HP40 Extractor (tank only) is available separately for $30K

The pump cart and filtration assembly are available separately for $15K

Please note: the 165 gallon holding tank pictured at the end of filtration system is not included in sale.